Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fruitcake 2012

I love fruitcake during the Christmas season, and long after for that matter.  For years I've been making a white and a dark fruitcake.  These recipes came from the Daily Gleaner in 1994.  I needed a change.

This year, Linda H. and I made beautiful white layered fruitcakes together from an older recipe of hers.  It was more work for Linda than me since she had to run around and get all the ingredients.    We worked together to prepare and divide the fruit and nuts one evening.  Then the next day, we prepared the pans with brown paper, and wax paper, made the batter and layered the 3 loaves.  They had to bake for a few hours, so I left that in Linda's hands.   It was a lot of work but the time went quickly as we chatted about lots of things.   Linda H. took lots of pictures along the way and shared the recipe on her blog.  Click here....

I picked up my fruitcakes on the weekend from Linda's.  At the last minute, we decided to put some brandy on it.   We put about 1/4 cup on the two loaves with a pastry brush... so its not much.  

I've cut each fruitcake in 3 pieces and wrapped well and they are curing in the cold room.   In a few weeks, we'll start taking them out for the holidays.

So, have you ever made fruitcakes with a friend?   If not, you should.  It's a fun thing to do as we prepare for the upcoming holidays..


Linda H said...

It WAS fun! Wanna do it again next year?

Donna Peters said...

looks sort of yummy.... just learning to like fruitcake, actually. Dad was persistent in enjoying it.. and I finally started to try it.. and it wasn't as bad as I once remembered. Can't get Michelle or terry to try it and Scott eats it like its a cupcake... so I don't think I will invest in making it quite yet! Maybe Scott and I will make it sometime... then he will eat dainty pieces because he knows the work and expense that goes into a fruitcake... geesh.. boys!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun and the cake looks absolutely scrumptious. It is always fun to share with our friends as it makes light work. Lucy

Anonymous said...

An elderly friend made smaller round fruitcakes. When cooled she wrapped them with cheese cloth leaving a tab at the top and dipped them a few times in paraffin wax to securely seal. Tied with red ribbon they always sold out at the guild Cmas bazaar. She learned this method as a young girl living with her medical missionary parents in Persia.