Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tutorial - A Linen & Cotton drawstring Laundry bag

This summer I made a little drawstring laundry bag for each of the kiddos who came to Grammie Camp.  This l It finishes at about 17" wide  x 19"high.

I am really loving my small projects that incorporate linen and I thought I'd share a little picture tutorial with you.  The Grammie camp theme was lady bugs, so we used red accent fabric and ribbon and added a lady bug to the project.  You can use any colors you like.  If you make one with different colors.  Let me know.  I'd love to see.

Fabric Requirements:
Fabric Requirements
¨ 36” x 5” Linen

¨ 36" x 15” Quilting Cotton
¨ 36” Red ribbon or trim
¨ 36-40” Twill Tape
¨ 1 Spring Closure

Since linen ravels, do a surge or zigzag around the linen piece.

Stitch optional letter to linen.  Then with WRONG sides
together, sew cotton to the top of the linen piece.  Your seam
will be on the right side of the fabric.  This will make the inside
of your laundry bag smooth and seam-free.

Your seam will be covered with ribbon.

Stitch down your ribbon to cover the seam.

Iron down half an inch, and then another half an inch across the
whole top. This makes the drawstring channel.

Fold the piece in half, right sides together and stitch
down the side and bottom.  Leave an opening below the fold.

Iron open the seam and stitch down the seam allowance.
This will help when the drawstring gets passed through.

Fold the top double hem down, and stitch close to the bottom
of the top hem.

From the right side, slide in your drawstring through the opening.

Add your spring clip to the ends of the drawstring.  To
ensure you don't lose the string, put a knot in each end after
you put both ends through the spring clip. 

All my Grammie Camp bags with lady bug buttons.  The blue
is baby Jack's.


Donna Peters said...

I use mine as a shoe bag to pack shoes in my suitcase, and even in my work bag. I get a lot of comments!

What a great tutorial!

PaintedThread said...

Neat! Nice tutorial.

Anonymous said...

Excellent tutorial. Lucy