Monday, November 26, 2012

Kiddos sewing on their own.

A quiet day yesterday, cleaning up my sewing room a bit.  Made a small list of things I wanted to do, just in case I got distracted..  Yep, distraction happened.  A good one though.  Caitlin and Grace came for a visit in the afternoon.   I was so impressed with what they had to show me.   They had designed and sewed a jacket for their doll.  I was thrilled at how it came out.  They even hand-sewed two buttons on.  I was so proud of them...  They were excited about their creation and wanted to make more clothes.  They took a bunch more fabric home to make more clothes for them..

I can't seem to turn these photos the right way... but here you can see the two outfits they made after they went home with their fabric stash loot.   After they got home, they sent me a picture of their doll with a new tutu and a new pj bottoms.  Cute, eh!


James said...

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Joanne said...

How wonderful!
You are so lucky to be able to pass on your talent.

Kathy said...

Hi G,
I am so impressed with your LSs (Little Seamstresses!) Gail. I hope that they continue with this instilled love of creating. GOOD JOB to the 3 of you.
Also, I am pretty happy about James Kaufman's email...GOOD JOB Gail!!