Monday, November 12, 2012

Tutorial - Make A Smile Maker for your Camera

Want to make a gift for a new mom.  Here's something guaranteed to make her smile, and then she'll make her baby smile later on.

Fabrics Required:

  • Main red fabric 19" x 4"
  • White Felt - Cut 4 circles 1-3/4" diameter
  • Orange Felt - Cut 1 nose about the size or your thumbnail
  • Black Felt -  Cut 2 circles - 1/2" diameter
  • 1/4" Elastic 7" long

First step is to make a scrunchie.   Iron one short end of the red fabric under by 1/4".
Fold in half longways, and stitch 1/4"

Turn right side out, and thread your elastic in through tube.

Stitch elastic ends together

Place raw edge end into the folded under end and pin.

Top stitch to secure your scrunchie.

Sew two circles together, twice for the eyes.

Add black circles for the pupils of the eyes.

Place Eyes up slightly and pin.  Stitch around each eye.

Place orange nose, and stitch.



Sandra said...

Too cute. Did you use one of these on your trip to Paris?

Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

When I read the title, I just had to have a look! Very cute! I'm sure it brings lots of smiles and chuckles!