Thursday, May 16, 2013

An overcast day - A good day to sew

I've made great progress on stitching together the blocks for three quilts today.  Thanks to an overcast cool day today.  

My two year old UFO got pinned while watching TV last night.  A perfect setup for today.  I started stitching early this morning, and now is almost finished.   I really enjoyed making this quilt.  The block is so unusual.  So, another 30 minutes on this one, and it'll be ready for borders.   

Also this past weekend, Caitlin and Grace organized the blocks in their new quilts.  I then picked them up in an organized fashion (thanks Eleanor Burns) and today I started stitching the blocks together.   

I've now got the rows of blocks stitched together, and by the end of the day tomorrow, I hope to have the horizontal rows stitched.   This weekend, I plan to make the piano key borders for  each of those quilt.    

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I know the quilts look the same, but the girls picked out their own unique fabrics, and they are certainly very different when you  look at them closely.

Whew, I feel I got a lot accomplished today.


Anonymous said...

The black around the blocks really make them "pop". Beautiful work Gail.

marie said...

I really like the first quilt! Is there a pattern?

Donna Peters said...

what a productive day! wow.. you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial using the bi-level foot. Very well explained and photographed. Lucy