Saturday, May 11, 2013

What to make with this fun fabric?

While in the Miramichi the other day, Mary R. gave me her leftover cat fabric from our Guild visit project.  Ouwwww,  I lamented how my little grand-daughter Grace would LOVE that fabric.

Oh, I was quick to graciously accept her offer.   It's the sweetest fabric.   Grace and Caitlin are here weekend for a visit.  These funny black and white cats have sweet pink noses and tongues.  She also gave me some scraps of the coordinating paw-print fabric.   I can't wait to see what we can make out of this.  Probably chic outfit or two for their American Girl dolls.

I can't wait to to show you what we made with the fabrics on Sunday.

Thanks Mary R. from Miramichi.

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