Friday, May 24, 2013

Winter Wonderland - Back to those darn Blocks

I've had my Winter Wonderland quilt all hand stitched up for months.  Or Maybe even a year!!  You can see it here.

But those border blocks have not been easy to pick back up.   I felt so good about finishing up a few quilts this week, I knew it was time to dig out the box of unfinished blocks.

After some sorting out of fabrics this morning, I pieced two blocks.  If I make it a goal to finish one or two of those blocks per day for the next week, they will be done.  I have cut the components for the next two blocks so that tomorrow, I just have to sit and sew.

Each block is different.  There's no speed piecing or cutting.     So for me, it's a test of my ability to just slow down, and make 1 block at a time, maybe two like I did this morning.    See, if you know me, I really like to make the most of my sewing time.  If I can cut 15 blocks, then sew 15 blocks, I'm a happy camper.  Cutting one block, then sewing one is a challenge.

So, I now have 12 done of 24.  I'm looking forward to finishing two more tomorrow.

I'm loving all this rain. It's keeping me in my sewing room.  :)


Anonymous said...

I am sure your finished quillt will be well worth the time. Can't wait to see it completed. The fabrics you have chosen are gorgeous. Lucy

Linda H said...

You're doing great!! You've already passed the halfway mark!!