Sunday, May 26, 2013

Our Cottage is Officially Open

But who wants to go to the cottage when it's cold and rainy out.  No sense waiting, rain or not we decided to do the inside work.    We've moved all the outdoor furniture out on to the deck, made beds, hung curtains, started up the running water, washed out the fridge and turned it on, washed dishes, and washed more dishes, swept up bugs, hung the TV, started up the satellite service.  Whew, sounds like a lot, but with the both of us working, we had it all done in about three or 4 hours.  

A single trillium.
Next week when the sun comes out, we will concentrate on raking the yard and mowing the grass.  We'll also tend our little gardens.  The lilies are all coming up nicely.  I was pleased to see these special wild flowers enjoying all the rain.  We didn't spend too much time looking, because the bugs were eating us alive!!

The first of our lady slippers
ready to bloom.


Linda H said...

Ooooh Gail! You KNOW I want to come visit SOON with my camera!!! Come ON Mr. Sun!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful trilliums and Lady slippers.. not so nice.. mosquitos!