Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Anita's Arrowhead Block - a nifty block

Have you ever tried this block. Anita's Arrowhead was shown/demonstrated at our guild workday last year or the year before, but I couldn't attend but I really liked the look of a quilt that Sandy M. had done using this block.  See it here in our guild's show and tell album.   Yesterday,  I came across this link at Quiltmaker magazine that shows how to make Anita's block.  I tried it out of scraps of fabric.  It is very quick and smart.  Anita Grossman Soloman says always to a test block before cutting a whole quilt.   So I did.  She refers to it as the first pancake.  Neat analogy  like that first pancake,  my test block is not very pretty, but it is perfect.   I'll put this perfect block in my "odd blocks" box.  It'll get used some day.

At guild, we have a new coordinator for community projects.  Her name is Jeanne-Kaye S.   She's a really productive quilter.  Actually she's a mad woman!!  She gets teased at each meeting when she brings her show and a laundry basket.   We all laugh, but we are all so impressed at her productivity.     Well, this recent appointment as chairperson of community projects in our guild  has her all fired up.     She has spent countless hours at our Veterans Center with her father.  So one of her big goals is to cover every one of the 70+ single size beds with a nice bright and cheery quilt during her two year term.   We're all going to have to pitch in and I'm starting now.   

I think I will do a single block quilt using Anita's Arrowhead block made out of scrappy blues..  See, now that I'm finished my Winter Wonderland quilt top, and the binding is made, the bunch of blue fabrics that been out on hold until I finished that project can now be returned to my stash.  But before they were folded nicely and put back in a bin, I ripped off a 9 inch strip of each color.  Over the next couple of days, I'll iron these strips, match them up and cut them into 8 inch light and blue pairs, enough for say .. a kit of 65 blocks.  I'll keep them handy, and  I'll work on them here and there over the summer.    I have a feeling that these blocks will be addictive.


Linda H said...

Good for you! I've been thinking about what I would do for a Veteran's Unit quilt too. I have some ideas to pass on to Jeanne Kaye. I'm sure she'll get everyone fired up ...

Karen said...

You're right about it being addictive. I did a stack of these in Christmas fabrics just after I saw it in Quiltmaker when it first came out. I guess I should get them out of the WIP box and finish the quilt.
Thanks for making me remember my blocks.


Paula said...

I love Anita's arrowhead block. Infact, I am making a quilt for my grandson with it. I love how it is turning out.
I think your block is quite pretty.

Anonymous said...

Gail, Thanks so much for promoting and supporting the Veterans' Centre quilt project! The arrowhead block will make a fabulous quilt, and will be much appreciated by all. Love your blog and follow it faithfully. Jeanne Kaye