Friday, August 2, 2013

When it's Hot, Make a Fan

Using Scoreboards to make fans
 Do you remember making fans when you were in school.  These fans are way nicer!!  We used scrapbook paper and long wooden coffee stir sticks for the handle.   My sister added an extra step of tying a piece of string in the middle of the fan so they would not flop over.  They came out really nice.

Caitlin and Emily

Want to try one for yourself, click here for the template page.  We did not make curvy edges.  For these beginners, we cut 12" scrapbook paper in half and used the template on the half sheets.  We scored at the the 12 inch length in the middle - 3 inches in.   Then we scored along the short side, every half inch then fan folded.   Note the little angled tab on the template.   It needs a score too. It makes it easy to glue.

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Linda H said...

I sure could have used one of those beautiful fans in Prague.. I could have been your "tester"...