Thursday, August 22, 2013

Me and the Queen E.

Have you ever dreamed of travelling on the Queen E. or the Queen Mary.   It's been on my bucket list for a few years.  

See, it all started last month when we bought new luggage. It's lightweight, sturdy and perfect for air travel.   Once we got the luggage, and had no definite plans for travel in the near future, it got us thinking about taking this new luggage somewhere.

So it's all booked..   Later in the fall, we're headed overseas and we're catching a two-week cruise in the Mediterranean. It's on the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship.  

I catch myself smiling while looking at the cruise itinerary.  It includes a few places Venice, where I've been wanting to go for a while.  And also includes a few places where we've been before like Santorini Greece.

It's funny, I always thought, it's hard to plan to go back to a place that you've already been because, there are just so many other places to see.   But because we have personal experience with some of these places, we are as excited to revisit some of these places and we know exactly what we're going to do in those places.


Donna Peters said...

does your new luggage have a storage spot to hide me in it!

Linda H said...

And me too? Count me in.. Donna in one, me in the other... Please, please, please????

Sandra said...

Lucky, lucky. Ooh, can I be your travel guide. I speak English and French (and I know you probably do too!!) Venice is amazing. I am so, so envious.