Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quilters tote - an oldie but goody

One of the guild members, Connie F.  came to the June meeting lots of show and tell in a big Quilted tote bag.   Have a look here.    The pattern is an oldie but goody.   When I saw it, I recalled how I loved it and said, I'm going to make one of those sometime.    Well, I did cut a kit and it's been in my stash for some time.    

When I saw Connie's bag in June it got me thinking about digging out my kit and at least starting to piece the front.   That opportunity came last week while my hubby was sick. Working 10 minutes at a time I have the cover of the bag pieced.   I even got it layered and started machine quilting.    There's some hand embroidery that now needs to be done on it before I can finish it up.     Maybe I'll get some of that handwork done cottage this weekend.

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