Sunday, August 4, 2013

Suspicious Chocolate Chip Meusli Cookies

I made a special walk to the store this morning to pick up chocolate chips.   I thought I'd make the chocolate chip cookies on the Bobs Red Mill Muesli bag.  They are a favorite in this house.

I got home and nicely made all the cookies and had them on the cookie sheet to go in the oven.  I  realized I didn't put in the chocolate chips.    I considered cooking them without the chocolate chips, then I considered scooping all the dough and putting it back in the bowl and mix in the chocolate chips, then re-scoop out the cookies.  But the lazy streak in me said, why not just put a few chocolate chips on top of each cookie dough ball.  I did that, then put them in to bake.   Do you suppose anyone will ever know the difference.  They do look suspicious, don't they?



Linda H said...

They look good to me.. need a taste-tester?

Lee said...

hahaha - been there, done that!

Sandra said...

Hmm. Not sure; maybe you should send up some samples. I have "people" up here that will act as independant