Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Unexpected Gift

Don't you think that an un-expected gift is the best kind? Yesterday I went to my daughter's salon to get my going-away haircut.     She gave me this little gift that she bought for me off Etsy.   I had been looking to buy this diy zipper brooch kit earlier in the summer because I wanted to try the craft.    Well, summer activities, and fall painting projects got in the way and I pushed this project out for a later time.    

Now that I have my little brooch kit, this will be one of the first little projects I try when I get home from my trip.   I think these brooches will be awesome to make for a craft sale.    

The kit came packed in tissue from an old pattern and with a nice note card from the vendor.     I loved that presentation.  I may do that next time I give a little gift to a sewer.

Thanks Pare.  You made my day!!


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Kathy said...

Nice of Patience! Love your new haircut btw!