Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's a Pink Poodle

I've given myself a day off between painting the kitchen cabinets and moving on to the walls.    I am loving spending a bit of time in my sewing room.   It's a mess, but I thought I'd get this little project for Grace done.  I'm not sure why, but she wants an old fashion poodle skirt.  Maybe it's for Halloween.    I bought the fabric and wide waistband elastic last week and already had the pink and white felt.    

I made a simple circle skirt.   It was simple to do, except the part where I was trying to determine how big to cut the hole for waist.    I used my narrow hem foot to do a quick and professional hem on the skirt.   Then I zig zagged on the waistband.     Cutting out the poodle was easy....   I then free motioned it on the skirt, and stitched on a bit of trim for the leash.     Cute, eh.

Grace will be here later this afternoon, and I can't wit to get a picture of her twirling in it...   If I get a good picture, I'll post it here later.  Stand-by...

Edit:    And here she is doing a twirl..

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