Saturday, October 12, 2013

For my Featherweight Friend

My friend Valerie M. is  having a milestone birthday today.   She has friends and family from all over the world coming to visit.   She is so excited to see people she hasn't seen in years.    The invitation to her do-drop-in today, said no gifts.   But I think she won't mind a little handmade thing, made with her in mind. 
She was here for visit a couple of weeks ago.   We were doing a little work on her Singer Featherweight and so I know she'll love this little bag to put some of her special feet and featherweight notions.   
Again, this is a simple pencil case pattern  ...   Cute eh!

Happy Birthday Valerie!!

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Anonymous said...

Love this little bag for your friend's birthday, Gail. I have a Featherweight too! (Hint, hint!)
Jeanne Kaye