Friday, October 18, 2013

My Updated Kitchen

This kitchen picture was taken in 2007 when we had the counter tops changed.  I recall being so pleased.   I look at it now, and I say to myself, "what was I thinking?"

And here is what it looks like today.   
After - Cabinets are Antique White.  I love my little awning. 

Here are some details and a few pictures that I took along the way.

We took a slow pace to do the project. A month.    Each Monday, we started a new phase and would work hard for two or three days, then clean up and take a break.  Then we would visit the hardware store to buy supplies for the next phase.    Some will asked what cabinet paint we used.  We chose Beauti-tone cabinet and kitchen paint with the help of our local Home Hardware paint specialist.  It was one of the premium paints that had a primer in it.   Before we even started to paint, we had a days worth of preparation work to do.  After removing the doors and hardware, we cleaned all the cupboards and frame with TSP.   Then, we did a light hand sanding of everything.   We used tack cloth to wipe up the dust.   We applied painters tape on the walls around the cabinets, covered my wood floors and took a deep breath.   Then after all that we painted.  Two coats.  The doors took the longest because they have a front and a back.  The frames went pretty quick.

Our garage turned into a cabinet door painting studio.
 It worked great!  This is half of our cupboard doors. 

Week 1 - Phase I - Painting the Pantry and Island frame.
The doors are in the garage drying.   

Week II - Phase II - Upper and lower cabinets.  The Doors are in the garage  

Week III - Auditioning dining room wall colors.  
We chose a color in between these two shades of grey.

Week III - Phase III - Wallpaper gone, priming walls done.
We paint the next day.  

Phase III - two coats of wall color done.
The green painters tape is still up.  This was our most tiring day.
Two coats in one day might have too much for us.
Phase III. and a half - New bead board back splash wallpaper.


Linda H said...

Looks great Gail. I'd love to see it "in person". After 23 years, I think our kitchen is ready for a re-do too.. dread taking that wallpaper off. Hubby, in his wisdom, papered before the cabinets went up so it will be a nightmare to try and take it off...

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen reno is stunning. Are you and hubbie for hire? Lucy
(joking - but you both did a great job)

Lee said...

Looking good, Gail!

To Linda, I totally get why he did that - to save all that friggy cutting around cupboards. Now you just get to cut around the cupboards to take the wallpaper off. The cutting had to happen sometime!