Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sending an Unexpected Gift

I was already planning to send a little gift to my Aunt in Quebec City.   I will send either a little pouch or a daisy sewing kit.

After receiving my little unexpected gift from my daughter the other day, so smartly wrapped, I decided to take a tissue sheet from an old pattern and wrap my aunt's little gift the same way.

Yep, I like it.   And I think my long time sewing aunt will like it too.

My brother in law will be stopping in to see her next week and I'll send it along with him.  She will be surprised.  


paulette said...

She is going to flip!! Kodos to you...such a good niece!

Linda H said...

She will love it! Love the pattern tissue idea too!!

Linda H said...

Oooops- that "unknown" above is me...