Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Unexpected Treat

I had a nice visit from my friend Carole C. yesterday.   She travels and I travel and we haven't cross paths for a while.    We had a nice visit and talked about how quilting has changed/progressed over the years.    And she left me with an unexpected gift.   It's a Tonga Treat.    It's around 40 pieces of 10" x 10"  gorgeous coordinated batiks.    I'm going to look for a layer-cake pattern that will use every bit of these delicious fabrics.    Do you have any suggestions?

And don't you think that unexpected gifts are the best kind!!!

Many thanks Carole C.


MissesStitches said...

Those are beautiful fabrics. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous and rich colors. Nothing quite as beautiful as bayiks. I saw a pattern on the Missouri Star Quilt Company. Log for using a layer cake. What s great friend so bring you such a lovely gift.

Kathy said...

Nice treat from a lovely person! And you will enjoy it Gail!!

Anonymous said...

I used a pattern from Cotton Club for 10 inch squares called "All Aflutter". I did not use batiks but a fabric line called Haooy Go Lucky..just like the picture on the patter.