Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making Posy Parts

It's been a busy week so far.   I've still not got my KLM blocks appliqued.   And that means I have nothing to report on my "carrot" project.     I  have cleared tomorrow morning to do applique.  

But that doesn't mean that I haven't been doing anything.   In between running errands and scheduled meetings, I've had pockets of time.

I decided to go through my scraps and pull out all the larger pieces and start cutting parts to make some posy wallets.   These posy wallets are perfect for people like hand quilters who go out to quilt.  They take all their hand-quilting stuff with them all in a nice secure and cute package.  

While these wallets look simple, they are really friggy to make.  So when I make them, I like to make a bunch.  I enjoy using my scraps.  In my mind, these cost me nothing to make.  Just time.    I need a couple for gifts and our guild's silent auction coming up soon, so I decided that it's good time to start picking through my scraps and prepare to make a few.

Each of these wallets has about 20 pieces of fabric.  So I've picked and sorted and pressed and prepared enough scraps to make seven wallets...  All my posy parts are ready.  The plan is, next week, after my LMK blocks are appliqued, and after I've got a good handle on my "carrot" project, I'll start to assemble Posy Wallets.  

Sew, what sewing projects do you have lined up for the coming week?


Lee said...

Lol - you are three deep by my count! You are going to have to have your phone remind you what your sewing schedule is supposed to be. Retirement - kicking back - NOT!

Karen said...

I always admire your organized approach. Did you work with numbers in your real life? :)
I am finishing up one (big) project and moving on to another church antependium which has been hanging over my head since last October. I can see it...I just can't get myself to sew it. Know that feeling? (Come cut me a kit Gail so I can sit down and sew it!)