Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cottage Opening Day

So with only the applique left to do on the K L and M blocks I'm getting excited to start my carrot project.   In fact as a small reward for getting my KLM blocks almost done, I decided I would cut out the pieces for my carrot project.    But be assured that sewing on it will not begin until my applique is done.

Despite the overcast and drizzly weather, we'll be at the cottage today and tomorrow.  Opening day at the cottage means crawling around the ground to get the pipes closed up so that the water can be turned on.  Then all the inside work consists of hanging curtains, washing out appliances and cupboards, making beds, and a zillion other things.  

One thing I need to do soon is decide which sewing machine will be left at the cottage this year.   I bought a new small Pfaff last year.  I call it my workshop machine.  But since I don't do any workshops in the summer, I might try it at the cottage.   That will take the pressure off my trusted old Pfaff 1471 from the 70's.

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