Monday, May 16, 2016

Pepper Creek Delight - Opening Soon

The kids with their aprons.  And with their tea towels
tucked in their apron ties to wipe their hands on.  

Our little entrepreneur grandchildren will be opening their ice cream scooping business this weekend.   As you know from my previous apron posts, it's called Pepper Creek Delight.  it's located right beside the convenience store in the Pepper Creek Plaza.   We couldn't be prouder.   So you probably know this wouldn't happen with out the hard work of their amazing parents.   The kids have made decisions all along the process.  Decisions regarding, ice cream suppliers, the design of their sign, the color of their aprons, the design of their facebook page, the ice cream flavors that they will open with.   Their landlord also deserves a big round of applause for giving the kids a break on the rent.

I hope to see you Saturday, May 21 at  1 pm to 8 pm.

The Girls
The Boys

Caitlin displays their Ice Cream Flavors


Colleen said...

How exciting for them and kudos to the parents (and grandparents) who would support their efforts. I can hardly believe I have watched them grow up
on your blog and you must scratch your head wondering where the time has gone. Hope opening day is a resounding success!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to go and stand in line at your ice cream stand... I will try a tiny spoonful of each flavour before I pick one... and I might have to have a second spoonful of a few different flavours so I can try and make a decision.. so have lots of little spoons ready for me... and then when I pay for my ice cream I will make sure and fold my money into a tiny little heart for you.... oh.. I can't wait!! yum yum yum

Lee said...

So exciting for them! and they are outfitted in fine duds, as expected! I hope to get out to support them (and I won't torture them like a certain great aunt that I won't mention).

Diane B. said...

We were soo anxious to get some real icecream that we went out last weekend to see if you were open. I cried... Loved your paint job though kids. That must have been fun to do. We'll probably be there every night after supper. Good Luck and don't eat too much icecream! Diane and Fraser Bunker

Shelley said...

Wonderful! Next time we are over to the north side we will pop out to pepper Creek :)