Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crazy Quilt - The Last week

I have set a deadline of next Tuesday night to have my crazy quilted piece finished. Finished means loop sewn on, backed, and lined... Ready for Santa to put little surprises in. In looking a few crazy quilters websites this week, I notice that this seems to be a popular thing to do... do 4 roses all in a row. I love it too. I did some random beads around to give it a bit of whimsy.

So, watch for a picture of the whole crazy quilted sock next Wednesday.

This week, our 14 year old pellet stove died on us. The big question is, do we try to find somebody to fix it or do we bite the bullet and buy new. The brand of stove is Whitfield, and it's not been making stoves for about 7 years now. So, we're leaning to just getting a new one. We'll then worry about trying to get somebody to fix The Whitfield and then try to sell it later. We haven't had any wood heat for 4 days now and I'm cold to the bone....

Some good news, Carrie and Kenny and Jessica and Emily are coming for the weekend. Aurora will be here too, so it'll be fun with the kids around.

Tomorrow I sew projects that are on my UFO list.

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Karen said...

Nice grouping of roses. I look forward to seeing the entire piece.