Friday, November 7, 2008

New Kitchen Light

This post might seem like a repeat from this time last year, but yes, we're getting a new kitchen light. We did put a new kitchen light up last fall when we were doing our kitchen update, but ever since, I thought, the poor light looks kind of small. I didn't like to say anything. One one day last month, Mert and I were watching a make-over show on Oprah or other makeover show, and they said one of the common mistakes is not to purchase the right size light for your area. Mert looked at me and said, I've always thought our kitchen light is too small. I lit up and said "Me too!. So we waited for a sale on lights and voila we got a new light. Kenny and Carrie and the kids are coming up this weekend, so I'm so excited cause Kenny can help put it up.

Also, yesterday, I put up our old family chili con carne recipe, and I thought, that would make a good easy meal to have ready since I don't know the schedule. Doesn't the chili look yummy! Do you see the blue trivet in the back, it says Gail's Apple Pie. I made it at one of these do-it-yourself ceramics places, the Clay Cafe. I love having the trivet there because it's easy to reference and I don't have to pull out my old Purity Flour cookbook when I want to make pie crust. My friend Julie, took a look at it, and said - hmm.... "You forgot to put the apples in your apple pie recipe". Smart alec she is. I should have named it Gail's Apple Pie Crust ...:)


dp said...

I used to really love chili but I don't much anymore. Maybe I should try your recipe..
Not for Apple pie though... actually, I have looked at that trivet for years and never noticed that there was no apples on the recipe!!!

Karen South said...

Gail, be sure to check back to my blog. You are the winner of the Chili Recipe giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha! I totally forgot about that trivet. That was funny. :-)

Ah, I miss the "laughing at Gail" part of my day.