Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Crazy Quilt - My Sock revealed

Well, I started my crazy quilted sock in early August when my friend Lois developed a crazy quilted sock foundation pattern for us to use during Linda's class. I made up her crazy quilted foundation to test the design and it was good. So I made up another sock that was to be used when I did the class for real. No stitching on samples, just take the class and work on a real piece. Linda Hubbard worked her Crazy Quilting class to a 6 week weekly class and I think it was great. Each week we learned about stitches, trims, flosses, and beads. Step by Step I saw my sock turn into a real heirloom piece and I was loving it more and more every week. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, until the day I stitched an A on it. So it's for Aurora. She'll have it for her first Christmas and many more to come. I thought it would be done today, but it's not quite done, but done enough to reveal the whole sock. I surged off the excess fabric and it's ready to sew to the backing and lining... but I do need to add a more beads and stitching. I've spent time looking at other bloggers crazy quilting techniques, and now I see that there's not quite enough of either. I still have to do my spider and web. I've left this image rather large so you can click on it to look at some of the detail. Because it's not quite finished, you'll have to imagine that the finished will be about half an inch smaller all around.

I am going to make 2 more foundations next month and take 2 these 2 socks to Myrtle Beach when we go this winter. I sometimes found the evenings long and so this will keep my hands busy. They will be for Jessica and Emily's 2009 Christmas. And then for 2010 Christmas, the triplets. The challenge will be to make them all a little different.


Jill said...

Just gorgeous. Aurora will cherish it for years to come, as will all the other grand children as they receive theirs.

Thanks for sharing. I have been SO curious as to what it would all look like.

Karen said...

Just beautiful!

Susan said...

That's looking beautiful! Your choices of embellishment - the what and the where - are great!