Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Light, New stove

What an exciting weekend we had. Carrie and Kenny and Jessica and Emily were here along with Patience and Aurora. Aurora loves Jessica and Emily and all the attention she was getting. They fed her her meals, changed her diaper and read her stories. I told Carrie, that having a baby now, would be a piece of cake because the kids are such a help. Kenny said, it's hard being a single parent tho!!!. That's his witty sense of humor saying, not on your life!!! Here's Emily feeding Aurora.

Kenny helped Mert put up our new kitchen light. I absolutely love it. It was harder to put up than they thought.

We also had our new pellet stove professionally installed. In 30 minutes, the stove people unwrapped, wheeled in on a dolly, installed the doors and all the movable parts and painted the pipe and we had a fire at about minute 27. It was so nice and warm. It's about the same size as our old one, but it has a bigger hopper and an electric igniter.

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Anonymous said...

The light fixture is GORGEOUS! Our house has ceiling fixtures only in two rooms...it's time for us to explore adding more!!!!