Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fredericton Quilters Guild Blog

Our quilters guild has started up for this year, and sadly I missed the very first meeting. I heard it was fun and I even saw a few pictures. But I was soon further enlightened because our quilt guild has a new blog. My buddy Linda H. put details of the quilt meeting on this new guild blog. Yippee.

Actually I knew about this new FQG blog because I did the prototype early in the summer and the guild executive liked it and decided to implement it. So, my friend Linda H. agreed to help me with putting up some content, that would be interesting to our guild members. But what I didn't know is that this would be so informative to me. My travel schedule has me away for several of this years meetings so I look forward to a recap and pictures of what I missed and to be updated on the other events around the area.

We have put up 2 galleries on the blog sidebar that feature quilts from our last two quilt shows. Have a look through them. You'll be inspired.

I hope our fellow guild members get used to visiting this site for their quilty fix. If you think the blog is nice or have suggestions for content, we would love to recieve a comment.


Linda H said...

Great "plug" Gail!!

bathmate said...

Its really very impressive and attractive. I like it. I think others will like it and find it useful for them. Good luck.Bathmate