Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday - Oct. 4th - Who are you running for?

I can't believe how quick a year has gone by since I last did the Run for the Cure. When I was working, I used to be an avid, ardent, committed volunteer for a few organizations. You know what they say, if you want a job done, get a busy person to do it.

Well, since I've finished work, I can't seem to find a suitable steady volunteer job. This is mainly because of frequent traveling, personal care (exercising) and some fun stuff (coffee breaks with the girls). Besides a bit of volunteer sewing, quilt guild work and some odd babysitting, I don't do much volunteer work now. But one thing that I DO work into my schedule, is the CIBC Run for the cure, which is held each fall.

I can't tell you how emotional it was, that very first year that I did the run. The run was in the afternoon. My sister was running the same run in Halifax, but it was the morning. She called me all excited that she "did" it!!!. She couldn't believe how emotional it was on many levels. See it was our first year actually running and it was an accomplishment for the both of us, even though in separate cities. I understood her excitement in finishing the run, but didn't quite understand the emotion.

Well, an hour or so later when I got to the site where people from all over were gathering for the run, it was a sea of white and pink shirts. Most of the participants had paper's pinned to the backs of their shirts that said "I'm running for"... and the participant hand wrote in big letters who they were running for. For an hour preceding the run, it was hard to hold back the tears, as I read the signs on the backs of everyone's shirts. I kept thinking, that poor girl - lost her mother, or her sister to Breast Cancer. I did my run, and I too was elated and feeling really good. Now I understood what my sister was telling me.

Anyway, I'm just getting all teary thinking about the 3 years that I've participated in this run. This a powerful event that helps bring education, awareness and continues the research into better drugs and treatments. And most of all, hopefully a cure some day. Will you think of me on Sunday, October 4th? I'll be wearing a white run shirt, and running for those in Pink!

Many thanks to those who help me reach my small goal. If you would like to donate it's easy, just go to this link. You will be e-mailed your official tax receipt and I will personally send you hugs and kisses.

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Linda G said...

I will be with you in spirit if not if body. For some reason the link to your blog hasn't shown anything new in a month and I had missed you. So glad to catch up! The misteries of computers!