Sunday, September 27, 2009

A new cottage bathroom

Last month we got rid of an old washer dryer from our bathroom at the cottage. It came with the cottage but we didn't ever use it. Laundry gets dragged home. Getting rid of the old laundry pair not only gave us much needed storage space in the bathroom, but revealed bad holes in the flooring. And a few years ago, we stuffed an old towel in the dryer vent hole and covered it with a bucket.

So all this was a great excuse to plan a mini makeover for this bathroom.

During the past week we gathered all the supplies we could think of. A hardware store is an hours drive away, so you don't want to be at a standstill on the project because you didn't bring a scrapper or something.

And this past Saturday my hubby and our handy SIL installed the new piece of flooring. Don't they look happy about it!!

Measuring and cutting in and around little nooks and crannies took a fair bit of calculating. But it fits really well. After all the fitting, the gluing and sticking down goes pretty quick.

Earlier, we had painted a little upper cupboard and hung a little towel rod that will serve as a closet to hang a few clothes. Closet space is at a premium at the cottage. We removed some open shelving that held a hodge podge of mis-matched beach and bath towels. We purchased a tall storage cabinet with shelves and doors to store towels, and all the paper products needed around the cottage.

Since we plan on having the plumber in to close down the cottage next week, we'll get him to re-install the toilet at the same time as the shutdown.

So that means I'll probably only get a good picture of the finished bathroom in the next week.

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dp said...

Wow, the floor looks so nice. Not at all what someone would think of at a "cottage". What a big job done. I can't wait to see the cabinet in there too, that you are planning to put in.

Great job boys!