Monday, September 21, 2009

A sling for Grace

Grace is having a hard time this week. In addition to losing a tooth at school last week, she fell and broke her thumb. They didn't put a cast on her thumb because it would be cumbersome, so Grace came over and we made a sling to put her hand in. She has to be very careful not to bang her thumb because it could disturb the setting of her thumb.

This picture was taken the day before she lost her second front tooth. Now she's all set to have her school picture taken.

What a fun memory this will be when, years from now, we all look at her Grade 2 picture and wonder how hard life is when you are seven.

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Linda H said...

Too cute Gail! I love Laura's Grade 2 school pic, also with the missing front teeth. Guess it's a "grade 2 thing"...