Thursday, September 3, 2009

House Table Runner

I started this scrappy table runner in the late spring. It's actually a prototype for a project that the Friday Girls and I are working on this fall.

It's a pattern from "Stitch and Split Applique" by Jayme Crow and Joan Segna.

We were so inspired when one of our own Friday Girls had made one and when we went to her house for coffee, it blew us away. It was just so nice.

So, we're making houses and swapping prepared houses before continuing on with the finishing of this project. You can see some of my batik houses here.

I learned a lot by doing this prototype and I won't be making those same mistakes when we do the good batiks table runner.

Today, I layered, machine quilted and bound this piece. I really like the finished runner and it will be on my table when the Friday Girls come for coffee tomorrow.

Note: Here is a picture of my table dressed for my coffee break. Everyone loved my prototype table runner are all set to make their blocks...


dp said...

I saw the prototypes this summer. I am inspired too I would like a table runner for my table for just everyday stuff. I will think about it as a winter project. I won't make houses, since I can't really do those kinds of things.... but I will research!
I thought your last paragraph was starting off to say... I will have this runner in a parcel to my sister.. geesh... those Friday Girls get everything!

Anonymous said...

Won't the Friday girls be surprised! What a great way to get things done just by being a part of a group project. You inspire me. LB

KF said...

As one of the Friday Girls, I can tell you the runner is LOVELY in real life, as I saw it this morning! I have all of my batik houses made and now am waiting for the exchange on sept 25th.

Anonymous said...


We love your version of the table runner. Thank you for sharing your talents. Could we use your pictures in our newsletter to show a different version of our patterns?

Hope to hear from you soon and keep up the great work!
Design and Marketing Manager
Bella Nonna Design Studio