Monday, September 7, 2009

Mitchell's first Geocache

What a great time Mitchell and I had as we were out looking for his very first geocache. We found a nearby cache on the geocache website. I programmed in the coordinates into the handheld and Mitchell carried the GPS and followed the arrows.

Smooth sailing so far. Walking in an open field.

We're at the cache coordinates, now the search begins. We're in the thicket and it's good thing that Mitchell can climb a tree because I can't. We look, and look. Up and down every tree in the area. No cache yet. This is hard work.

Yippee, Mitchell found it. It was camouflaged so good that we passed by it several times. Do you see it in this picture? It's there... look hard.

So, it's time to open it. The big reveal. Mitchell is so excited with anticipation.... but....

The cover is hard to get off..... eekk.... he tries and tries....

And finally, he gets in. The package is in a sealed plastic bag.

The contents are amazing... a list with previous finders of the geocache, a pen and a couple of trinkets.

Mitchell signs and dates the list of finders of this cache.

He puts in a little dog as a trinket.

And removes a fun little amphibian trinket for himself. We close up the cache, put it back safely where we found it, and walk home with lots of chit chat about our find, and where our next cache will be found.

Geocaching - A fun afternoon for Mitchell.

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dp said...

how fun... I want to do some geocaches... um... I think I will search the website for somewhere fun to go.