Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Grammie Camp - Day 3

Each day, when the kids got up, they were anxious to see what was on the agenda for the day. You can see from the blackboard, that this Day 3 was to be a busy day.
On this day, the paper mache animals were dry and ready to paint. The kids couldn't wait to start painting and give some life to their creations.

Here you can see Ellie taking on a fun elephant personality. Jessica seems to have a thing for elephants lately. Isn't she sweet? Just wait until tomorrow when you see her all finished.
And Susan, the fish ,is sporting a beautiful fan tail. Emily has fish at home, but I guarantee you that not one of them is as pretty as Susan.
Caitlin and Grace are working on their pig and cat in the shade. It took a couple of coats to get their color just right. You'll get to see all the finished animals in the Art show tomorrow - Day 4.

One of the mid morning activities, was decorating pens. This was a fun quickie activity, and we could have decorated many more pens than we actually had. Here shown with our scavenger hunt list is a pretty one with a purple flower which is mine because it has a flag on it with my name on it... "Grammie".
After lunch and just before the scavenger hunt, there was some play and swim time. Here are three of the campers just taking a little swim break. I bet they're talking about the scavenger hunt.
Speaking of scavenger hunt. The girls really surprised us at how resourceful they are.

Here you can see me reading the list of items to them as they wrote them into their camp journals. It was a hard scavenger hunt list. It had things like a beehive, a candle, a birds nest, a bunny, a mouse, an elephant, a nail, a golfer, a screw, 100 mussel shells, a bell and many other things. Since the list was so hard, we opted to give them the list on Day 2, and they would work together to find things on the list. They were not allowed to gather items until they were told, which was after lunch on Day 3.

I think that secretly, they had been looking and making strategies together the evening before. Because when we gave them the go-ahead to start the scavenger hunt at 1pm, they all went off in different directions to gather the loot. Within 15 minutes, they were quite proud of themselves and they thought they had everything on the list.

Here is the loot that they had gathered. We left the scavenger hunt on until 3pm One item on the list was an Elmo dish full of raspberries. The girls discovered that they interpeted a dish full of berries as a few berries in a dish.
My sister and wondered out loud "Would this be the item that takes them down?"

The kids discovered that they were short over half a dish of berries. So, just before the scavenger hunt deadline, they all took off in search for more berries.

My sister and were sure they would not be able to get at one thing on the list. We were totally surprised that Grace was the brave one who found the old nest in our upside down canoe and dislodged it. Everyone knew it was there and unused by birds for a couple of years, but nobody wanted to touch it. Grace saved the day.

Then the beehive was the problem. Until somebody pulled out their I spy quilt, and sure enough, a beehive was on it!!! (New rule for next year - No I spy quilts allowed at camp!! :))

Well, the kids presented their items one by one and Grampie and Aurora were the judges. They squeaked by and had everything on the list. hey were ecstatic. They won the scavenger hunt!! Here are the girls presenting the 100 mussel shells to Grampie. They are holding them in the back of Jessica's I spy quilt... the one with the beehive on it.
Thanks to Aurora's mom who brought a nice treat for the girls earlier in the week, we had a well appreciated prize for these scavenger hunters.
And can you guess what happened to the raspberries? Yep Aurora ate them all.
After the scavenger hunt, the kids had a water balloon fight. There was over 100 balloons filled, and here is a great action shot of lots of balloon activity. It was lots of fun.

We had a corn boil for supper and here is Grampie and Aurora husking the corn. She really liked doing this quiet activity.
Meanwhile, Caitlin and Grace are preparing strawberry ice cream for dessert! The ice cream maker is on its last legs.
The last big thing on the schedule for today was a SPA night for the girls. We had peel off mask for tweens (available at Shoppers). We set up stations where Emily did everyone's nails with the buffer, I applied polish to everyone's finger nails. Auntie Donna massaged feet and hands with Oil of Olay beauty cream and Caleigh applied the peel off masks to the girls faces.
Here you can see Caleigh applying the amber colored mask to Emily's face. Caleigh was a real pro, talking the kids through the whole thing.
As the mask dries, the trick was not to laugh because as you probably know, the masks stiffen and make it impossible to move your cheeks. What a strange feeling!
Here you can see Caitlin getting the full meal deal. Emily is massaging her hands, and Auntie Donna is working on her feet.

Here is a group of the spa girls. Grace couldn't stop smiling while the mask was drying, and her mask dried with her smiling... she's such a cutie, mask and all.
Jessica is saying "STOP - Don't make me laugh!"

Caleigh took off all the masks after they dried for half an hour. It's amazing how soft and supple the mask made the kids skin feel. What a fun experience. Do you remember your first peel-off mask?

And what was Aurora doing through all this. Just like the big girls, she got a foot and hand massage from Auntie Donna and I put polish on her nails. And brushing her teeth with her new Cinderella toothbrush was part of her evening as well.

This busy day ended with the campers watching "Finding Nemo" and some popcorn. Whew, what a busy day.
Tomorrow - the last day, and the art show!


Melinda said...

What fun you and the kids are having. They will remember this fondly for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the art show. Sounds like so much fun for campers and leaders alike. Linda G

Karen said...
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Karen said...

I just loved reading this! I have to admit, my eyes opened wide when I read they had a beehive on their scavenger hunt list. Leave it to a quilt to save the day :)
Can hardly wait to read about what will take place tomorrow, this is such fun.