Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bread and Butters

Yesterday was pickle day here in our household. Just like last year, we made mustard pickles and bread and butters.

I love the look of the freshly sliced vegetables as they soak in the salty, icy brine.

And after soaking a few hours in the brine, they cook up quickly to make a dozen bottles.

There's still lots of time to make some. Want my recipe - my sister's recipe actually... I shared it in this link last year.


dp said...

A dozen jars... one for every month of the year. Not enough, actually, because you should give your sister like two jars... just as a thank you for using my recipe (that I haven't made in like 10 years).!

Karen said...

Those look sooooo good, and I can only imagine how yummy the house smells - one of my favourite things about pickling.