Monday, August 9, 2010

Grammie Camp - Day 2

Day 2 started out with a relaxing class of Yoga, followed by a healthy breakfast of yogurt, fruit, cereal and juice.
It was to be a busy day, so we got right into the activities for the day.
We moved to the next step of the paper mache. The first step is to use balloons as a foundation for the paper mache and then to add limbs to what ever you were making. Here you can see Grace's cat and Caitlin's pig.
Next comes the fun part.
Adding the paper mache, strip by strip, smoothing out the seams as you go. Jessica is adding gooopy newspaper to Ellie, the elephant.
Aurora didn't care much for the goop but loved playing with the balloons. She had everyone blowing them up for her.
Then after a little lunch break, we had some swim time. Here is Jessica and Caleigh giving us a big wave.

The big feature for the day was the Treasure Hunt. There were two teams and each team had to find 10 clues. Each clue had puzzle pieces that needed to be gathered. Emily is pulling a clue out of my lush Hosta that my friend Linda gave me last year.
When the teams got back from finding all 20 clues, they brought all their pieces together, and put the puzzle together. Even Aurora helped.
On the back of the made-up puzzle where specific directions on how to find the treasure. The kids followed the instructions to the letter.
They found the spot and with a little digging, they found the buried treasure in a gold metal treasure chest. It was a Movie night in a box. Movies, popcorn, candy.

This was one of the kids most favorite activities. It was so exciting and a challenge for them too. Some of those clues were hard!! Thanks Auntie Donna and Uncle Terry for developing this really fun activity.
The day went on and we made home made Oreo cookie ice cream, a neat thread art project, and a string ballon craft which you'll see more of. The day continued with play time and a fun Movie night.
Day 3 - tomorrow...

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Linda H said...

WOW!! Sounds like so much fun!! I think I want to come next year!! There IS going to be a next year, right? You've really started something!! AND you've set the bar pretty high!! :)