Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grammie Camp - The final day

Sadly, it's the last day of Grammie Camp. Our morning starts out with Yoga as usual. Here Auntie Donna leads us as we perfect our Warrior pose.
And after all the different yoga poses, we finish off with a relaxing minute in the child's pose.
Then after a yummy pancake breakfast that Grampie made, we finished up some of the art that needed to be displayed later in the afternoon when the parents came. Here Caleigh is helping Grace to finish her string art.
And I gave each of the kids their "Grammie Camp 2010" patch to be sewn on their blankets/quilts. They did the sewing themselves and hopefully when they look at it, they'll remember their very first Grammie Camp for a long time .

Emily sews.

Jessica sews.

Caitlin Sews
And Grace sews. I'm so proud that all the girls enjoy sewing and are very eager to do the sewing of the patches themselves. It won't be long and I'll be telling you that Aurora sews, but for now, Grammie will sew her patch on.

And so now, here is some of the fabulous art. This is a picture of all the balloon string art. They are in the tree, and it's a breezy day. The string balls gently move as the wind blows right through them.
You saw the tye-dyed shirts earlier in the week but here they are again, all hanging out to dry. Emily is testing them to see if they can be worn yet. You can also see a few of the Balloon String Art drying under the t-shirts.
This is string art done with a needle and crochet cotton. This is a beautiful and quick craft for 8 - 15 year olds. Everyone enjoyed doing it. Actually, I'm going to give it a try now that Grammie camp is over.
Jessica had time to do another string art and quickly did this apple. Most fitting because she loves apples.
Here is the table where their paper mache animals and the great flower pens are. On the table are extra tye dye t-shirts that the kids made for Mitchell.
I'll give you a close up of the paper mache because they are so great.
First is Graces creation. It's a cat called Tarlick. Because that's what baby Aurora's cat is called and it looks just like her.
Next is Susan, the fish. Emily has fish and she did a beautiful job on Susan. Emily even made a yellow stand to put her on because, you know, fish don't have legs. Do you notice the sweet earrings she has on too. She's a real cutie pie, just like Emily.
And here is Flo the whale. She is the cutest little whale with the biggest smile. She's the perfectly purple, my favorite color.
Next is Pennie. She's Caitlin's pig. She has the cutest little tail, and Pennie has earrings too. I love her pink color. Caitlin spells her name with an "ie" on the end instead of a "y" because Grammie has an "ie". I'm so honored to have a namesake - sorta.
And last is Ellie the Elephant. She was made by Jessica . It's hard to tell in the picture, but Ellie has polka dots and flowers all over. She has the cutest nose ever, just like Jessica!!
So, that's it. Grammie Camp is over. It was a lot of fun for all of us.
A big thank you goes out to my sister, Auntie Donna who help me plan this from the beginning... And to Caleigh who came to help out as a camp counsellor. She was great to have to help out with some of the crafts and the spa night for sure. And to my hubby, Grampie for all the trips to the grocery store, the cooking, the dishes, and for being a good sport at the "All Girl "Grammie Camp".
Grammie camp will definitely be back next year....


Dan (the monster-man) Reeder said...

I bumped into your blog. How great it is that you had the kids do paper mache. Most people steer away from this medium because of the mess. But it is a very valuable tool in the art toolkit in my view. It exposes the kids to an accessible avenue for sculpture (and 3D generally). I just want to say thanks.
And congratulations! The kid's projects are wonderful! Full of life and personality.

Karen said...

What a wonderful art exhibit. I especially like the balloon string art balls hanging in the trees. The paper maché has awesome detail - eyelashes and earrings no less! Thanks for posting about your fun week together.

cpm said...

Wow! Grammie Camp looks SOOOO fun!
(P.S. I have deck envy now! Looks fabulous!)

Anonymous said...

THanks for sharing your great week with the kids. Makes me nostalgic for my days with kids. Maybe grandkids some day. (no rush though) Linda G

molly said...

WOW. Just stumbling on your blog. What a fun, fun idea. Lucky kids! I am going to borrow some of the craft ideas and scavenger hunt for an upcoming party!

MissesStitches said...

Grammie Camp sounds like the best idea ever! I can't wait till I either get more grandkids, or the one I have gets just a little older. Thanks for the idea.

Akela Joy said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun!