Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grammie Camp 2010 - Day 1

Well, Grammie Camp over. All that I can say is, we had a blast and it's so awesome to spend time with my grandkids. These are the best kids in the World.

I first have to say that this camp would have been impossible to do without my sister's help. She's so organized and resourceful comes to kids crafts. She really helped me plan the activities and all the logistics of the 4-day camp. She also brought along a surprise Junior Camp Councillor - Caileigh, who worked along and helped with the kids on all the projects. She was so fun to have around.

One of the very first crafts we started working on, on Day 1, was tye dying our camp shirt. Here you can see the kids who are holding their tye-dye shirts in the dye solution. After using spiral, squares and elastic techniques to fold the white tshirts, there was much anticipation as to what our individual shirts would look like.

As each child unrolled their crumbled bundle one by one, we all oooh'd and awwww'd at how wonderful the t-shirts came out. They were all different and beautiful. Here you can see the T-shirt backs as we walked up the lane.

And here you can see that we had our "official" Grammie Camp 2010" Photo taken on the cottage steps and we were wearing our camp tshirts.

Also on Day 1, the kids each started a major paper mache project and you'll see some of that tomorrow. It is a multi stage project that the kids would work on for 4 days.

There was also a little time for a swim, a paddle, a campfire with smores, and a late movie - Homeword Bound. I'm sure we had a couple of meals and snacks on that first day, but who can remember that long ago.


Karen said...

What fun...and so special the memories you are creating. Your grandchildren will remember this time always.

Joanne said...

Looks like tonnes of fun!!!