Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teaching the Spicy Spiral Class

I'm really excited that I've been selected to teach the Spicy Spiral Table Runner class later this fall to two local guilds.   Yesterday, I taught a practice class to a few students so I could judge where I need to be really clear on instructions and understand where students might need help.  It was a worthwhile effort and I'm so pleased that I have great quilting buddies who would invest the day with me. And especially a big Thank you to Anne who opened her house to us so we could sew!!

Here are the Students in the mini-class and their amazing spirals.  They all pulled fabrics from their stash, and look at the beautiful work they did below.     

Anne's Fall Spicy

A fall runner, with beautiful fabrics for a striking contrast and a few exciting fabrics which give this real eye appeal.  My camera didn't pick up the really great transitions from one color to the next, but this is a real beauty.

Vivian's Batik Spicy Spiral

I haven't done a Batik Spiral and I'm so glad that Vivian did one.  These earth tones blend is so beautiful, and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's quilted.  There are a few purpley veins of color running through this spiral which is eye catching.

Linda G. Spicy Spiral

These colors are perfect for the fall and thanksgiving table.  I just love the light swoosh down the center and the busy print beside it.  Just a wonderful highlight.  Now that Linda understand this technique, Linda is going to try to develop this pattern even further and make another Spicy Spiral so it has 4 spirals and will suit her

Kathy F's Sunny Spiral

And look at this sunny spiral by Kathy F.  This is a really nice transition from dark to light.   Don't you love the use of the two dramatic fabrics.  They give such interest to this spiral.  And what a great colorway for fall or spring.
Many thanks again to my buddies for helping me test out my class.  You've helped me understand what will make a much better experience for the students in my upcoming two guild classes.   


Anonymous said...

It was our pleasure. Thanks Teach! Linda G

Joanne said...

They are all so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Now I am more excited to take your class Gail. I think it would be very difficult to choose one favorite amongst the practice spirals. I love them all. I especially like the light to dark transition. Lucy

Linda said...

Beautiful spirals! That looks like lots of fun.

Unknown said...

Beautiful Spirals. Wow.. how fun.

Karen said...

Love seeing the colour choices and how different each one looks. It will be fun to see the results of your classes.

Gail H said...

They are all really beautiful - I loved the variety of colours and the very different final results. It looks like a very productive day!

MissesStitches said...

I really wish I could take your class. This is such a beautiful design.