Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grammie Camp Group Photo

Grammie Camp is all done and we had a great time.  Here is our official camp photo.  We're all wearing our new Tie-Dye T-shirts.  We tried new techniques this year and the colors are richer and more vivid.   Did you see our Charlie Brown tree in the photo. It was just sweet.  We made beautiful crafty decorations to put on the tree, and  it's really gave us a Christmasy feeling all week.  

I have many great photos, and I'll sort through them to show you some of the neat crafts we made. 

We had so much fun with Minute-to-Win-it games each evening.  They were hilarious...and I think we should get the kids on the TV show.  They are so good at these games, they would certainly win a Million dollars!!

And of course I couldn't have done all this with out the amazing amount of help from my sister.    Many thanks Auntie Donna!!You will never know how much I appreciate your help.



Mary said...

What a wonderful photo and what a great grammie and aunt these lucky children have.

Kathy said...

How come you -all don't look exhausted? Such an exciting week, congratulations to Gail and Donna for making it happen!

cpm said...

FUN! Auntie Donna rocks...but she's just My Donna to me! teehee! Glad you had another successful year! Can't wait to see the pics!