Wednesday, August 31, 2011

St. Anthony's Quilt - Star Block 81 of 128 Done

I'm so pleased that I now have 81 star blocks done out of the 128 that I need for the St. Anthony's raffle quilt that we will put in in October.   I'm in a big rush to get the top done because it will be on display at the church on September 25th.  I'm hoping it will attract a few new hand quilters to our group.   When I did my test block last week, I thought I had the math all wrong.  It turns out my math was correct, but my measuring was wrong...oh, well, it was very confusing to me... but when I re-measured, they were right.

We will be going to the cottage this week end, just for a day, and I don't plan on doing any sewing... But I do plan to take my 81 stars and square them up.  I find squaring up, the least favorite part of making the quilt.  How about you?

And for when we get home from the cottage, I have flying geese parts to make almost the rest that are needed.  Will I make my goal of having the 128 blocks done by Sunday...

Even, I don't know that..but come back on Sunday and I'll post where I am with my project.

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Linda H said...

Way to go! You're a speed demon!!