Sunday, August 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland - Week 6 of 5

It was my intent to only post on Sundays in July about my Winter Wonderland, but since I have another block done, I thought I'd share it with you.  Even though, I'm working on the largest block, I started this little block while driving in the car to Maine the other week.  To my surprise, I found that I could stitch in the car.  Not the friggy snowflake details, but the longer straight lines, were no problem at all.  I found it made the long drive a little quicker.   I'm about to hit a milestone.  I'm almost done my first ball of DMC Perle 12 wt.  I think I estimated to be 130 meters of thread on a spool.  It gives a good idea how much stitching one can do with a single spool.

I've been carrying all my stitching stuff it in a Ziplock bag.  Not very elegant, eh?

 I have been thinking about making a little nice little carry bag or pouch that will hold my needle case, thread, small spring hoop and my "Piece".   Having travelled back and forth to the cottage etc, over the past 6 weeks with my stitching ziplock bag, I now think I know what I want. And I can tell you that I've invested wayyyy more brain power into designing my carrying case, than it will take to sew it. 

Here are my well thought out requirements:
  • I want it to be quilted of course. 
  • It should have an inside tag/loop to tether a small pair of scissors to.
  • It should have a small wristlet type of handle.
  • It should have a zipper, so the stuff won't fall out when it gets tossed about in my market basket or purse.  
  • I want to see into the bag without zipping it open. 
  • I want it small enough to throw into my purse.   

So, with all my requirements, and measurements in mind, I'll be pulling out some fabric scraps this evening and this will be my small project to make tomorrow.   

So, what do you carry around your stitching projects in?


Colleen G said...

Isn't it funny that we craft for others and sew exquisite little bags for our family and friends but carry around a ziplock plastic bag? I was just reminded of that as I stow my knitting and cross stitch in a "name brand" cloth grocery bag and my yarn is feeding out the zipper of the plastic bag. I thought I might create one of those tape measure snap closure bags and use up some scraps; imagine making something for ME?!! Look forward to seeing what you devise.

Linda H said...

Haha, I use a Ziploc bag too- a big one for larger projects and a small one for little projects. I even have a box of super large ziplocs for when I have a lot of "stuff"... works for me, but I know you'll come up with something much better Gail....

MissesStitches said...

I'm tired of using Ziplock bags, too! Give us some instructions, please!