Tuesday, August 23, 2011

St. Anthony's Quilt - Star Block 1 of 128 Done

I had mentioned in a previous post that I'll be making a Star quilt for the St. Anthony's Raffle Quilt.  I have a deadline of Sept 23rd to finish the quilt. 
My plan is to have all 128 stars done by Sept 4th.  That's less than two weeks away.   I have been working all week on the planning the size,  pulling/auditioning fabrics, cutting star parts.  

I started making some geese blocks on Monday and I've trimmed up some of them.  Today, I have lots of star parts cut and ready to assemble an actual star.

Just before supper, I finished block ONE!     Now I have 127 to go.    I did a measurement to see if my quilt math is spot on, and guess what.  The block is 5.75 inches, not 6 inches. 

That's why I much prefer to work with a commercial pattern..... uggg......I'm continuing anyway... I'll adjust the size of my borders...

And so, how's your quilt math been lately?


Karen said...

Fabulous colours, Gail -that's going to be an awesome quilt (no matter what size it turns out :)

Colleen G said...

Oh I can feel your frustration. Once I used a quilt photo as inspiration and calculated the math backward from the finished quilt size. Later when I gave up my method and purchased the pattern, the instructions were quite different and I nded up with two differing sizes of quilt blocks. Lesson learned as I couldn't quite fix it with wider borders.

Joanne said...

I love the colours, and stars are my favorite. Looking forward to watching your progress.

Anonymous said...

Love the colours Gail. It will be beautiful. You have at least two Quilt friends, that I know of, that love quilt math and would always be glad to lend a second set of eyes. Linda G