Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New sleep pants for Grace and buckwheat bags for the SPCA

Grace came for a visit today.   She's been wanting to make some things for the SPCA.   

Well, my friend Charlotte who came over last week to make the magic bags left me some buckwheat to do with as I please. 

So since Grace knows lots about what the SPCA needs, we made 4 purple buckwheat bags for the little kittens who have no mother.  You can see Grace here, filling up the bags with the buckwheat.  The staff at the SPCA warm up these bags in the microwave and give comfort to the little animals.   I also made covers out of left over sleep pants fabric for the bags, in case they need to be laundered.

And since she was here, I measured her up and we made her a pair of fun sleep pants, very similar to what I made for Jessica and Emily last week. It's hard to tell, but she chose 6 different fabrics, and even designed the pocket so that the penguin's face is sticking up over the pocket.  It's so cute.    Tomorrow, Caitlin comes over to get her sleep pants made.  I bet that after she chooses her fabrics, I can whip up her sleep pants in half an hour flat!! 
After that,  it will be Mitchell's turn, then I'll make Baby Aurora a pair.  Then after all that with the rest of the fabric, we'll make small cat quilts for the SPCA.


Donna Cormier said...

Nice sleep pants! beautiful girls! I picked up McCalls quilting magazine today:Great article: as I read I was picturing the quilt you pieced for the Stan Cassidy Rehab centre: check, check and check: all points covered. If anyone out there hasn't bought tickets yet, get some soon: drawing on Sept.01 Way to go, Gail. well written, well presented.

Scott and Michelle said...

Adorable pants and great for the SPCA that you're all looking after their needs :D Love it <3 !