Sunday, August 28, 2011

It got a new eReader Tablet

With everyone I know getting Kobo's for reading ebooks, I've been wanting a color eReader. I read more magazines than I do books, so I've been waiting to get something more suited to what I would use it for.  

I saw a color Nook at Barns and Noble when I was there last month.  It was smaller than an Ipad, and it could do email along with many other applications.   

While this isn't a Nook, it is something very similar.    I haven't done much with it yet, but 3.5 year old Aurora is learning how to play Gems on it.  So far, she has the high score...  I'll fix that when she goes home in a couple of days :).. 


Unknown said...

fun fun... she looks very comfortable on that thing.. kids are so adaptable to technology!

Lee said...

You said what it wasn't, but what is it?