Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Cindy, the itsy bitsy rag doll

Aurora gave her a name last week when she was here.  She helped to put stuffing in her body and head last weekend.  After we sewed on her legs and arms, Aurora wanted her to have some clothes, pigtails and ribbons for her hair.    Decked out in her new duds, I took Cindy to quilting at the church this afternoon.  She enjoyed her afternoon as the quilters oogled her new diamond earrings.
Cindy is patiently sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for her supper now.  I wonder where else she'll turn up this week before heading to her permanent home in Saint John this weekend.


Kathy said...

Cindy is a sweetie. She looks much bigger dressed! Love her hair!

Linda H said...

Cindy is very cute! And so lucky to have diamonds at her age!!

Sandra said...

I think Cindy needs a twin that can have adventures and go to quilt meetings, go to workshops and classes and help with the blog! She could be an ambassador for young quilters! She could help sell tickets on the St. Dustans quilt. Fredericton needs a "cindy too" !