Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Spy, With My Little Eye

The Cotton Mill Quilter's Guild sponsored this great I Spy wall quilt for the new K - 5 school that just opened up after Christmas.   While the I spy fabrics were donated by mostly members, a few of my friends were helpful in getting me some special pieces of fabric that are important about New Brunswick.   Shirley R. for great potato, lady slipper, and the Hartland Bridge fabric.  Linda H. for the violets, and Lee M. for the blueberries.  

We had a work party last week in Joan B.'s new and fabulous studio.  We made great headway but none of us knew how long it would take.  It would take that much effort again but at the point we left it.  We decided it was best left to one person to put it all together.   I volunteered.      While still in pieces, but all the layout was done,  I took it to guild this past Monday.  We needed the members put a fresh eagle eye to it to make sure that not too many of the same colors were too close to one another.  I know I was just cross-eyed from looking at it too much.   They did a good job.  It looks great.

After the guild day,  I started to sew the rows together on Wednesday.  I paced myself by setting a daily quota.  I wanted it done by today, Sunday.   A day of rest!!     Now, it will go to co-coordinator, Gwenda who will quilt it on her long arm.   I have the multi-colored binding ready to apply whenever it's ready from Gwenda.   I won't show too much detail right now.  It will be unveiled at the school's official opening in a month or so.   But I will tell you that it's long.   It's 124" long by 40" high.  With around 300 "I Spy" hexagons, it's perfect for the long hallway that the little  kids pass through on their way in and out of the school.  

Stay tuned.  I will show you pictures in detail when it's hung in it's new home later on.


Linda H said...

Looks great Gail. Glad you found some special New Brunswick fabrics!

MissesStitches said...

This looks pretty cool! What a wonderful gift you've made! The school kids are sure to like seeing it every day.

Anonymous said...

Love the update on the I Spy quilt. Glad you were able to get everything done on your own 'retreat' weekend. Lucy

Quilting Queen said...

Well isn't that just the neatest thing to do.!!
Congratulations Cotton Mill for being so talented and expect a write up and a picture for the next CQA report...ok?????

Kathy said...

Gail, I am so glad that you finished it for our core committee of Anne O, Don C, Joan B, Joanne, you and me! Now we have a free tomorrow!!