Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking beyond the Cookie

After school, I had a visit today from Grace and Caitlin.  I happened to be using up some left-over royal icing in the freezer, so I got them to help me decorate some sugar cookies.  These girls are old pros at decorating cookies.

So in no time, they were putting on the finishing dots, trying to use up as much of the icing before it was going to be thrown in the garbage.....

Garbage...   Now the fun begins.  What can you do with icing, before it gets tossed?.

First Caitlin was showing me what a party finger is.  It's when you put royal icing on all your fingernails, but one is different!!!

And finally, just seconds before the bags of icing gets thrown in the garbage, they take a bunch of colors and squeeze 3 seconds of icing into their mouths!!!!    

What do you think, is it more fun to ice cookies, or ice yourself!!



Unknown said...

oh dear lord... gross icing in the mouth! Cookies are adorable though.. and the nails are pretty funky.

Sandra said...

Too funny....is that what they mean when they say "5 second rule..."