Monday, January 14, 2013

Caitlin and Grace pick their Quilts out.

Caitlin and Grace where here a few days ago.   We were on a mission.  It's time they had big girl quilts.      We looked through tons of books, and guess what.  The girls picked out the same quilt.    It's called Nickel Bricks from the Loose Change book.

We wrestled with that same quilt idea all evening.   Eventually, we came to the conclusion that while the quilts will be the same pattern, they will definitely be different quilts.   Each of the girls picked through my stash for their quilt.   Then there is a pile of fabrics that they both loved so those fabrics will be put into both quilts.     I will have fun now, as I cut kits.  These might be the kits that come snowbirding with us next month.
Nickel Bricks from the Loose Change Book

A box for each of the kits.  Cutting strips is in my work plan this week. 


Karen said...

I can see why both girls would pick that very colourful pattern, and what a great one for using scraps. Will you do one for Mitchel too?

Donna Peters said...

wow.. what a fun project! I can't wait to watch these two quilts grow!

Sandra said...

There is a very similar quilt, that is slightly different; called Odessa. It's one horizontal over 2 vertical blocks. Just an A and a B block. It's in the Bright & Bold Cozy Modern Quilts book (Kim Schaefer) C&T publishing. It would be just a slight difference. Maybe someone in your guild has a could look at.

Michelle Matheson said...

Awesome pick ladies :) I think they're going to LOVE building their own quilt!