Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Caitlin and Grace's Quilts - Machine Quilted!

I'm thrilled to get my two quilts back from Gwenda so soon.  The machine quilting is gorgeous.  

They are Caitlin's and Grace's quilts that we started last winter.  The girls picked out the fabrics and the pattern.  I left it up to Gwenda to pick out fun machine quilting designs for the each of the girls quilts.  

The only thing I wanted was for the design and thread color to be different on each quilt.  And they are.  Wonderful Choices.  Daisies on one, and birds and butterflies on the other.  I won't show you the whole quilts right now because I want to get them bound and let kids to see them in person first.    I'm excited for them to see them.      

Many thanks Gwenda for a speedy and perfect job.  



Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

gorgeous quilting!!

Kathy said...

And...they are beautiful in real like too!! Congratulations to Grace and Caitlin on their choices, as well as Gail and Gwenda on theirs!

Linda H said...

Very nice! The girls will love them!!