Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I got a new Passport!

It's a Pfaff Passport sewing machine that is.    My friend Lucy B. picked it up in Moncton yesterday when she picked up hers.   Thanks Lucy!!

It's a lightweight sewing machine that is perfect for taking out to workshops, or when going away on extended trips, like I do once in a while.  I've been considering buying a small machine for years, but nothing really found it's way here.    Until now.

Besides being lightweight, I like this machine because it has the IDT walking foot that I'm used to.  It has bright LED lights that I'm not used to.  It's awesome.   This Passport uses all the same specialty feet that I use on my other Pfaffs.  Those feet were a big investment over the years.  It has needle down, which I couldn't live without.   It has over 50 types of stitches and many that I don't have on my older Pfaffs.  It comes with a great hard carrying case that has a special slot that you tuck the foot pedal and cord in.  So easy to carry.   And I love the price.  It's on for $500. just until the end of June.

So now, I need to take my new Passport and go somewhere and sew.  


Anonymous said...

Ah! Roadtrip with a new sewing machine. That sounds like a perfect combination for some good fun. Lucy

Karen said...

Congrats to both you and Lucy. How many machines does this make for you now, Gail? :)

Speattle said...

I got one of these in late May. I haven't taken it on any trips out of the house, but I love to sew on it right here at home.

I've made a bunch of baby and toddler clothes already, 2 quilts and several purses.

While I might not choose to quilt a queen size bed quilt, I love this for garment sewing and for the baby quilts I've been making.

This is the first Pfaff I've had and I love the IDT!